About XHUMA e-State

XHUMA e-State - ICT, Driving a Revolution in Citizen Expectations

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Government is about facilitating the process of bringing the Government closer to the people through major improvements in the delivery of Government Services and information provision in ways that are most convenient to citizens and businesses. ICT has reformed stakeholder expectations of information availability and service. The general technology and society trends in which Governments find themselves are summarized below:

Rapid Connectivity

Various types of high-speed networks and remote access increasingly provide seamless access to a plethora of users. This creates a virtual conduit for the individual to connect to a wide range of information as well as to different communities.

Increasing Freedom with Mobile Devices

More people are choosing portable, small, wireless devices for their computing needs. This aids in the realization of unprecedented mobility of information and network access. Additionally, these devices provide more capacity and functionality in a single device.

24/7 Service and Data Availability Expectations –

Citizens’ knowledge and greater access to information has led to customer anticipation of perpetually available e-services, information and support.

Electronic Commerce

Today’s consumers pursue the convenience and availability of numerous products and services via secure online purchase and transaction systems.

Meeting these expectations on the part of citizens, businesses the international community as well as other parts of government itself, is on-going challenge. The XHUMA e-State Cloud helps Governments meet these rapidly evolving stakeholder expectations re: information, internal colloration and service delivery, by addressing directly the key challenges which emerging market Governments traditionally face.

The transition from Government to e-Government is not an event, but a process of continuous improvement and capacity building. We’ve invested 6+ years of R&D in the XHUMA Government Cloud, which means a significant improvement to your connected Government capability is almost guaranteed.