Online Appointments

No more standing in line as XHUMA allows citizens to book appointments online with the Ministry. 

Online Payment Tracking

XHUMA includes online payment and revenue tracking modules which enable citizens, businesses and international stakeholders to pay fees online.


An exciting feature of XHUMA is its ability to support e-procurement. XHUMA can facilitate a Ministry or State Agency, to enable an online process to register and pre-qualify potential vendors. 

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Government is about facilitating the process of bringing the Government closer to the people through major improvements in the delivery of Government Services and information provision in ways that are most convenient to citizens and businesses. ICT has reformed stakeholder expectations of service and information availability.

Interactive Online Registry

XHUMA allows public access to an online list of your registered entities, and whether they are in good standing.

XHUMA Government Portal Cloud Stack

The XHUMA Government Portal Cloud Stack is a fast way for Government Ministries and State Agencies to collaborate, share data, host and update websites, as well as deploy live citizen / business facing e-service applications. 

Analytics and Data Insights

XHUMA comes with a number of filter and reporting tools as well as dashboard analytics which visually represent your real-time data.

How XHUMA Government can benefit you

Easily Access Registrant Information


XHUMA allows Ministries  & State Enterprises to review details of listed registrants, such as ‘Company Info’, ‘Registration Info’ and other relevant business documents.


The Mobile Advantage


Access to the XHUMA Government Mobile App, brings another layer of access to the XHUMA Government Service, which unleashes a world of flexibility on the go!


Government Contact Centers


XHUMA as a technology platform can also support specific e-Government strategies – such as the deployment of a series of government contact centres or a centralized call centre.


What is XHUMA?

It is an E-PORTAL

that can be used by governments to collaborate, share data and deliver e-services to citizens